More about our Community Solar Offering

So we finally did it. We are selling community solar shares because our members made it a top priority. So what exactly does it mean to buy a community solar share? Let's focus on one specific project to make it easier to follow. 

Ok, so one of our community solar projects is called Cloverdale in that it is located on Cloverdale Street in Pittsfield MA. It is a large array made up of many panels that generates electricity while the sun is hitting it. When the utility receives electricity from our array onto the grid, they change those kilowatt hours into net metering credits and distribute them to participating electricity accounts.

Anyone who wants to save 15% on their electric bill in Eversource Western and Central Mass can subscribe. 

Here's how it works: 1) You sign up for certain number of shares in the community solar array. 2) At the end of each month, you'll receive a credit on your electric bill that represents your portion of the kilowatt hours produced by the array. (The utility converts kilowatt hours into credits when they're placed on the grid.)  3) You'll pay Co-op Power 85% of the value of your credits through your Common Good account. For each $100 dollars in credits you earn on your electric bill, you pay Co-op Power $85.

Contact Mark for more information: 877-266-7543,