What exactly is Co-op Power?

Co-op Power is a consumer cooperative. Are you wondering what that means? Basically it refers to the fact that the business is owned by the very consumers who buy the products and services. It is similar to a food co-op in that the members elect board representatives to represent them, participate in strategic planning and own a share of the equity of the business.

Why does that matter? In this day and age of mega corporations and venture-backed startups, there is an increasing concentration of wealth with a small portion of the population. This translates into our data, our access to information, our access to services and our basic communications being owned without our ability to participate in decision making.

As a cooperative, our members help finance us with member equity and member loans as well as are expected to participate in setting strategic direction and are invited to participate on our board of directors. We believe on a fundamental level that ownership of energy assets should included democratic control and decision making.

With the development of new technologies in the energy field, there are many opportunities for communities to develop and control their own sources of energy and fuel in a way that produces positive economic outcomes for the community and doesn’t create negative outcomes for the earth.

We are currently running a campaign to sell Community Solar because our members directed us that this was a top priority and it gives us so much joy to deliver. We are always accepting new members and welcome anytime you want to have an in depth conversation about what being a cooperative means.