Renewable energy resources are complex and expensive. It takes millions of dollars to create community wind project or to build a biodiesel production facility. If we want these resources to be community-owned, our community needs to invest in them now.

Securities laws make community ownership difficult here in the US. It's not easy for every day folks to pool their money and build big things. While we can't pool our money for investments, a cooperative structure allows us to pool our money to build these resources and secure our access to products and services we need.


With Co-op Power, we've found a way for community ownership to make a real difference.

Co-op Power can get us the sustainable energy we need:

  • Co-op Power has launched Northeast Biodiesel LLC to secure our access to biodiesel fuel. Northeast Biodiesel will manufacture biodiesel with recycled vegetable oil from restaurants and cafeterias. Biodiesel is a home heating and transportation fuel that is biodegradable and clean burning. Blended with petroleum-based diesel, it can be used in any oil burner or diesel engine without modification and offers 86% less carbon emissions than petroleum.
  • Co-op Power is investing in local solar projects, helping them get built and securing our access to renewable energy certificates. See more here.
  • Co-op Power also secures our access to a host of other sustainable energy products and services that Co-op Power members receive discounts on.

Join now, and we'll have something that will bring value to our children and their children for years to come.

Joining Co-op Power means:

  • Investing in Main Street rather than Wall Street.
  • The potential of saving (based on your purchases) thousands on Co-op Power's energy products and services.
  • Earning $1,000 back much sooner if you buy a large item like a solar hot water system or a furnace for your home.
  • After five years, more significant member discounts and dividends (based on your purchases) available because of increased buying power, service offerings, and investments maturity.
  • Making a member loan to a community owned renewable energy business.


75% of your member equity will go right back into your community through your Community Energy Co-opIf you cancel your membership, your member equity share will be refundable as the resources are available.

Join Co-op Power now!