“What I like about Co-op Power is that it’s very engaged in the conversation [of social justice], and trying to see how that would look like without being just a cliché…engaging in the conversation is the first step, and Co-op Power has been courageous in trying to figure out how that conversation could go well.”- Dania Flores, Worcester, MA

“It was such a fun and positive experience that down the line it was just an additional benefit that I could see that my oil use actually dropped, and I had an incredible payback on that project—with the incentives, there wasn’t that much for me to pay.” - Christian Lagier, Managing Director, TechSpring, Springfield, MA

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“Being able to see the unity that we’re able to build together, the respect and trust that we’re able to build together—to me it proves that this is the way to go forward, that you can overcome the distrust, and begin to build real unity when people are working together on one goal, like creating a business that pays a livable wage.”- Shakoor Aljuwani Harlem, NY


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“I’m always looking for things that will allow me to make use of what already exists without having to buy and consume other things, whether it be oil or propane or water or sewer or anything like that. And Co-op Power seemed like a great way to support and encourage others to do that, and to allow me to do more of the same. I joined Co-op Power because my wife and I want to do something for the environment, we want to do something local, and we believe in the business plan that Co-op Power has put together” -Lark Thwing, Hawley, MA.


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We just knew we wanted it to be a community process, and we wanted it to be engaged and hands-on throughout the entire process. And so they [Co-op Power] identified a solar installer that would allow for that. Our solar installer, Steve Pitney, who was identified by Co-op Power, allowed his plumber and electrician and entire team to just educate all the residents that were present, all the community members that were present, to really make it hands on and interactive and educational. And that’s what we wanted. - Cynthia Loesch and Ivan Liriano


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"The Buckminster Fuller Challenge review team is impressed by Co-op Power's authentically democratic structure and its multi-racial/multi-class inclusiveness. They offer a visionary but realistic model that can be widely replicated and allow communities unable to wait for national political paralysis to end, to become empowered to build their own juste and prosperous local green economies." - Sharifah Taqi, Buckminster Fuller Institute
"Across the country, a number of community co-ops have been formed for everything from solar PV and wind purchasing and installation, to energy efficiency, to growing and selling biofuels. Some of the most innovative and effective include Co-op Power in New England..." - Asher Miller, Post Carbon Institute

"Increasingly, traditional corporate America is unable to give us what we want. It is important to me that organizations are created that can respond directly to specific consumer needs and wants. I believe there is an absence of companies looking to provide the specific sustainable energy solutions that Co-op Power will provide. The few that may be looking to do so seem to lack the direct tie to views and concerns of consumers and their communities that Co-op Power has. This is clearly an opportunity to change the paradigm on how sustainable energy resources are developed in the region and give regular folks an additional voice in that development."- Lawrence G. Union, Jr., Connecticut

"The architects of Co-op Power and Northeast Biodiesel are building real sustainable energy solutions right here in the Northeast ... and they are doing it by empowering community ownership structures. I joined to show my support for my local community."- Lisa Berger, Acupuncturist, South Deerfield

"I joined to support the creation of a regional energy cooperative. It is important to me to secure reliable access to biodiesel and Renewable Energy Credits that are supporting new local projects. We need new sources of renewable energy, and Co-op Power is a really important way to get there." - John Eichholz, Financial Manager, Greenfields Market, Greenfield
"There is energy crisis in this country [oil prices doubling, gas increasing daily, trucked-in food and goods starting to increase as well]. There is very little leadership from the government on sustainable energy planning and development ("clean coal" is NOT the way to energy independence). In the words of the bumper sticker: "If the people lead, the leaders will follow." Co-op Power is an opportunity to band together as a community to help shape our personal and regional energy policy as a grassroots movement. Biodiesel from recycled vegetable oil is the first step (useful for heating and our diesel car), but I see Co-op Power growing in the future to encourage other sustainable energy projects as well."- Garth Shaneyfelt, MIT web geek, Greenfield.

"The green business development class was a terrific introduction to starting a green business. But the technical assistance that we received at the end of class really jumpstarted our green cemetery project. Lynn helped us think through next steps and move to a level of detail on a business plan that would have taken us years to complete on our own. Now that we have a business plan in place, we have a much better idea about the viability of our project. There is nothing like seeing numbers on a spreadsheet that can move a group from vision to action." -Judith Lorei, Amherst