Northeastern University Clean Power Conference - Panel on Innovation
and Emerging Trends - Clean Power and Energy Storage with Clean Energy
Center's Emily Izzo, Zapotec's Paul Lyons, Vanguard's Carly Fuller and
Co-op Power's Lynn Benander
October 30, 2015

Massachusetts Green Careers Conference - Presentation on "Help Wanted:
See Who's Hiring" by Co-op Power'sLaura Porter
October 1, 2015

Garlic and Arts Festival presentation on Community Solar Unveiled by
Adam Thurrell from PV Squared and Lynn Benander from Co-op Power
September 26, 2015

Going Green - Recorder reporter Richie Davis, Loan from Common Good
Finance Boosts Completion of Northeast Biodiesel Plant in Greenfield
September 4, 2015

Environment Massachusetts Press Release - Massachusetts Ranks 4th for
Solar Installations in 2014, but Inaction by State Leaders Could Stall
Growth, with Testimony from Co-op Power's Laura Porter
September 3, 2015

Post Carbon Institute Interview with Co-op Power's Lynn Benander -
Community is Created by Filling the Cup
September 2, 2015

Center for Popular Economics - Presentation on Cooperative Paths to
Fossil Fuel Freedom: Stories from Community Energy Co-ops in the Co-op
Power Network with Lynn Benander and Temistoclese Blessed Ferreira
from Co-op Poer
August 23, 2015

Grist article on Diego Angarita, "Meet the Food Justice and Clean
Energy Advocate who Wants to Shake up the Nonprofit World", noting his
work at Co-op Power
August 14, 2015

Jamaica Plain New Economy Transition potluck presentation: Can JP
Power Itself? with Co-op Power's Lynn Benander
July 29, 2015

WAMC story from reporter Paul Tuthill - Activists, Officials Call for
Lifting Cap on Solar Subsidy Program including testimony from Co-op
Power's Lynn Benander
July 22, 2015

Black Land and Community Solar event hosted by Co-op Power's Diego
Angarita and Boston Metro Each Community Energy Co-op with guest
speaker Mistinguette Smith, founder and director of the Black/Land
April 26, 2015

Climate Justice Alliance (CJA) work day to develop a policy platform
for a Just Transition to be used to guide campaigns from the local
level on up. Co-op Power's Lynn Benander contributing.
March 6, 2015

Climate Justice Alliance (CJA), the Local Clean Energy Alliance
(LCEA), Movement Generation (MG) and the Center for Social Inclusion
(CSI) hosted a conference on Clean Power, Healthy Communities
conference in Oakland California - Co-op Power's Lynn Benander gave a
workshop on Community Solar (follow this link for great videos on the
energy democracy movement here)
March 5, 2015

Green Energy Times writer George Harvey's post on Co-op Power
July 18, 2015

BGreen host Fadia Hasan Interviews Lynn Benander and Diego Angarita
from Co-op Power
June 18, 2015

Green Energy Times reporter George Harvey, Northeast Biodiesel Will
Soon Be Operational
June 18, 2015

Women Speak: Climate Justice and Solutions webinar with presentation
by Co-op Power's Lynn Benander
June 9, 2015

The Greenfield Recorder article by reporter Richie Davis about
Northeast Biodiesel
May 31, 2015

Brattleboro TV Energy Week with George Harvey: Special Feature on
Co-op Power and Northeast Biodiesel by Co-op Power's Diego Angarita
and Phil Cherry
May 21, 2015

WWLP - Greenfield Working to Build Biodiesel Plant
May 22, 2015

EcoWatch writer Erik Hoffner mentions Northeast Biodiesel (Co-op
Power's biodiesel plant in Greenfield) in Renewable Energy Co-op Races
Toward Milestone Project
May 20, 2015

The Gazette story - Co-op Power Energy Cooperative needs to raise
final $850,000 to complete biodiesel factory in Greenfield
May 14, 2015

NEON - Productivo e informativo el primer taller comunitario para
conservar energía en el North End - with presentation by Co-op Power's
Diego Angarita
March 25, 2015

Gazette story by Richie Davis, Advocates for Solar Development Urge
State Task Force to Life Net Metering Limits includes mention of Co-op
Power testimony
February 25, 2015

Agro Innovations Podcost with photojournalist Erik Hoffner talking
about Food Hubs with a solid mention of Co-op Power
January 19, 2015

Greening Greenfield Forum - Energizing a New Economic Future -
including panel presentation from Co-op Power's Lynn Benander
November 17, 2014

Massachusetts Green Careers Conference - Presentation on Educating our
Future Workforce by Co-op Power's Laura Porter
October 1, 2014

Clean Water Action - Solar Sharing Takes Shape in Massachusetts with
quote from Co-op Power's Diego Angarita
September 23, 2014

Recorder reporter Richie Davis, Greenfield Biodiesel Plant Gets
$540,000 State Grant
June 23, 2014

Left Forum - Conference Workshop Presenter Co-op Power's Diego
Angarita, Who Owns it Matters: Launching a Business that Promotes
Economic, Environmental and Labor Justice
April 8, 2014

Blackstone Valley Community Energy Co-op interview with Co-op Power's
Alphonse Knight on starting and energy efficiency crew within Co-op
March 24, 2014

BioChar Workshop in Amherst led by Co-op Power's Tim Holcomb
March 4, 2014

Local Energy Solutions Conference Keynote on Relocalizing Energy by
Co-op Power's Lynn Benander
March 2014

New England Grassroots Environment Fund post - Co-op Power fights for
Energy Independence at Grassroots Level
February 26, 2014

Invest. Here. Now. Presentation by Co-op Power's Lynn Benander - Move
your Assets! (audio)
January 13, 2014

Gazette story by reporter Rebecca Everett, Neighbor to Neighbor: Co-op
Members Help Homeowners Realize their Solar Energy Dreams with quotes
from Co-op Power's Lark Thwing, Scott Reed and Tim Holcomb
December 27, 2013

Boston Globe, Dorchester Church Gets a Green FaceLift story describes
Co-op Power's Alphonse Knight bringing energy efficiency upgrades to
his church in Codman Square
December 2, 2013

New York Times journalist Julia Schor mentions Co-op Power in her
story on The Future of Work:
Oct 15, 2013

Yale Climate and Energy Institute: A Critical Conversation on Energy
in New England by Co-op Power's Diego Angarita
September 26, 2013

Recorder article by Richie Davis on Climate Justice Conference with
quotes from Co-op Power's Tim Holcomb
September 26, 2013

Boston College Chronicle article on Juliet Schor's Boston College
Conference on the New Economics Movement, with reference to Co-op
Power's Diego Angarita
August 29, 2013

Transitions US, Chelsea Green Publishing, and the Post Carbon
Institute hosted a webinar on Power from the People with by Co-op
Power's Lynn Benander and Lyle Estill from Piedmont Biodiesel
August 26, 2013

Center for Social Inclusion author Anthony Giancatarino mentions Co-op
Power is his report on Community-Scale Energy: Models, Strategies and
Racial Equity
July 31, 2013

Sustainable Knowledge Corridor - Pioneer Valley Planning Commission's
Climate Action and Clean Energy Plan -  with Co-op Power's Tara
Kurland advising
September 30, 2012

MassLive, UMass Students Asking University to Divest from Fossil Fuels
with quotes from Co-op Power's Sam King
April 4, 2012

Rule$ Change Conference presentation on Ownership by by Co-op Power's
Lynn Benander at UMass Amherst
April 2013

Pioneer Valley Sustainability Network awards Co-op Power a Champions
of Sustainability award
"Co-op Power is being recognized as a Champion of Sustainability for
leadership in creating and maintaining the Pioneer Valley
Sustainability Network, as well as ground-breaking work in achieving
greater energy efficiency and clean energy generation. It has been
more than 10 years since the founders of Co-op Power convened their
first meeting of concerned citizens to tackle the question of how
individuals, working together collectively, can create a more just and
sustainable energy future. With a long-standing and unwavering
commitment to genuine and meaningful participation by all, Co-op Power
has demonstrated the capability of cooperation to achieve change. From
member-to-member solar hot water “barn raisings,” to the launch of
Energia, to the annual Sustainability Summit Co-op Power is making the
Pioneer Valley more sustainable every day."
April 2013

Vermont Community Energy and Climate Action (VECAN) Co-op Power
Presentation on Biodiesel
November 2012

Aljazeera article - Solar Energy Sector Lights up in California -
mentions Co-op Power
November 23, 2012

Business Alliance for Local Living Economies Webinars with guest
speaker Lynn Benander, Co-op Power CEO
> October 2012 - What is Prosperity for All, and What Does it Mean for the Localist Movement?
> January 2012 - Co-op Power, a Model for Local Investment, New Business Development, and Job Creation

Massachusetts Green Career Conference Workshop on Businesses that are
Hiring with presentation by Co-op Power's Tara Kurland
October 4, 2012

Sustainable Knowledge Corridor - Pioneer Valley Planning Commission's
Climate Action and Clean Energy Plan -  with Co-op Power's Tara
Kurland advising
September 30, 2012

Buckminster Fuller Semi-Finalist Award goes to Co-op Power!
August 2012

Chelsea Green published Power from the People by Greg Pahl with a
section on Co-op Power
August 13, 2012

River Valley Market awards Lynn Benander the Austin Miller Co-op Hero
Award for her work building Co-op Power
(See page 8!)
June 2012

Sustainable Economy Conference, Federal Reserve in Boston, Co-op
Power's Lynn Benander presenting a workshop on Active Citizenship for
Sustainable Communities
April 30, 2012

Chelsea Green published Local Dollars Local Sense by Michael Shuman
with a section on Co-op Power
February 20, 2012

Greening Greenfield article by Pam Kelly including info on how Co-op
Power's Tara Kurland supporting their energy efficiency mobilization
February 2, 2012

Bread and Roses Radio interview with Co-op Power's Shakoor Aljuwani
and Sam King, Host Elliot Tarry
September 23, 2011

FTE: Creativity, Leadership and Transformational Change with Co-op
Power's Shakoor Aljuwani
June 18, 2011

Left Forum: Winning the Battle of Democracy presentation by Co-op
Power's Shakoor Aljuwani
March 19, 2011

The Community Foundation's Annual Report highlights Co-op Power's
Green Job Training with the Brick House
October 14, 2010

Empty Bell - Bread for the Journey article on Northeast Biodiesel groundbreaking
August 3, 2010

Left Forum Interview with Co-op Power's Shakoor Aljuwani
March 19, 2011

WRKO, Unions supported Martin Luther King, Co-op Power's Shakoor
Aljuwani explains why he's supporting Wisconsin unions
March 11, 2011

Alternatives for Community and Environment (ACE) Rally to Support
Workers' Rights with Co-op Power's Shakoor Aljuwani speaking
March 11, 2011

Post Carbon Institute Museletter author Richard Heinberg mentions Co-op Power
March 3, 2010

SeaChange interview with Tom Rossmassler of Energia, a company Co-op
Power helped to build in Holyoke, highlighting Co-op Power's role in
green job training and business development with Nuestras Raices
January 20, 2010

Green Rainbow Party State Convention address by Co-op Power's Lynn Benander

BALLE Case Study of Co-op Power
September 2, 2007

GRIST article by Emily Gertz, "Using Grease and other Goodies, Small
Biodiesel Producers are Making a Big Difference" mentions Co-op Power
December 8, 2006

From the Wilderness author Michael Kane blogs about Lynn Benander
getting booed off the floor of a Peak Oil conference in Boston when
asking about support for local energy solutions in US energy policy
October 30, 2006

International Cooperative Alliance (ICA) Congress address to 1200
cooperators by Lynn Benander and Tom Webb, “Adding Value to
Membership: The Cooperative Challenge for the New Millennium” in
Montreal 1997