Here's a short video with information on how the Community Solar Subscription program works. Community Solar Subscriptions require no-money-down and you can opt out with six months notice.

Ownership matters.

Owning solar yourself, or owning it cooperatively through Co-op Power means both the financial benefits and the clean power return to our community.

Whoever builds and owns a solar array receives valuable state and federal financial incentives and the savings on your electric bill. 

Cooperatives are a legal structure for people to own assets together. 

Co-op Power and our members either build and own Community Solar arrays right from the start or we create a path to ownership over time, partnering with investors and developers to bring solar to our region.  If Co-op Power develops the projects, the systems cost 5% to 20% of the their fair market value to buy back once the investors have been paid back after 5-7 years.  If Co-op Power partners with a developer to build system for us, the systems cost 100% of fair market value to buy back after ten years. 

Check out our FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS page for details about how Community Solar Works.