You can find additional information below about:

  • Subscription Solar - no-money-down, pay-as-you-go for a share of the power produced from a Community Solar array
  • Solar for Nonprofits - no-money-down, pay-as-you-go for the power produced from an array Co-op Power builds on your property 
  • Multi-Unit Building System - you purchase panels and co-locate them on a shared array on your roof
  • Direct-Owned Shared Array - you purchase panels and co-locate them in a shared array

Ownership matters.

Community-Owned Community Solar arrays are built, financed, and used by you and members of your community -- your friends, neighbors, and businesses that you care about. Co-op Power’s Community Solar program helps communities build solar arrays that are controlled by their local communities, where both the financial benefits and the clean electricity are kept close to home.

Whoever builds and owns a solar array receives valuable state and federal financial incentives. The best solar deal is to earn those incentives yourself. Install solar on your property. Cooperatives are a legal structure for people to own assets together. Owning panels in a shared Community Solar array is a great way to access those state and federal incentives if you're a renter or if you don't have a good solar site. 

Co-op Power and our members either build and own Community Solar arrays right from the start or we create a path to ownership over time, partnering with investors and developers to bring solar to our region.  If Co-op Power develops the projects, the systems cost 5% to 20% of the their fair market value to buy back once the investors have been paid back after 5-7 years.  If Co-op Power partners with a developer to build system for us, the systems cost 100% of fair market value to buy back after ten years. 

Check out our FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS page for details about how Community Solar Works.