5 Reasons You Should Buy Solar

1-Save Money: Let’s get straight to the point. Solar is currently for many households in the US is a good option for saving money long term on rising energy costs. This can be through solar electric on the roof to participating in a community solar program. Saving 15% on your electric bill can help you save a bit more each month towards other financial goals.

2-It’s A Bridge Builder: Solar is fast becoming one of the few topics that unites Americans. According to a recent Gallup poll, 73% of Americans now prioritize alternative energy to fossil fuel development. Why not take a break this summer from mowing the lawn to chat with your neighbor about their feelings of rooftop versus community solar. Community Solar is a great option for folks who want solar but don’t want it on their house.

3-You Might Get An Electric Car: Just yesterday Volvo made a game changing announcement that starting in 2019, all models it introduces will run on either electric battery or hybrid engine systems. The automotive industry is gearing up for the next wave of innovations. As a potential consumer this might mean that you will charge your car at home thus increasing your electric usage. Solar can help bring down that shock to your cash flow.

4-Reduce Atmospheric Carbon: One of the biggest arguments for transitioning our energy system to renewables has to do with the environmental benefits of reducing the amount of carbon emitted into the atmosphere to create electricity. Buying solar means that you are one more person who is helping to slow the increase of greenhouse gases causing climate change.

5-It’s Easy: Co-op Power along with other useful technologies make buying solar an easy process. You can use Google’s Project Sunroof to see if your roof would be good for going solar then e-mail our solar specialist (Mark@cooppower.coop) for a referral to an installer or you can actually enroll in one of Co-op Power’s currently open Community Solar arrays by clicking here.