35% Off Stiebel Eltron Solar Products and More

Now is a great time to join Co-op Power because members can enjoy a 35% discount on Stiebel products from now until June 20th! Stiebel makes top quality solar hot water collectors, tankless water heaters, solar system controllers and line sets, heat pump water heaters, and more. See the full catalog here. You can buy and install the equipment yourself, hire a licensed technician you've worked with before to do the job, or work with one of our suggested installers. It's up to you!

Members normally enjoy a 25% discount on Stiebel products (and non-members can order equipment via us for 15% off). The lifetime membership rate of $975 can easily be recouped with one order, opening the door to many benefits like discounts on other products and services, a stake in the many renewable energy businesses that the co-op owns or co-owns (like Northeast Biodiesel and community shared solar arrays), and a say in how this effort toward freedom from fossil fuels develops over time. See full details on membership here, and go here to see what folks are saying about membership.

The membership rate for farmers is $750, and limited income folks earning less than $30,000/year and having assets of less than $25,000 (excluding a home) can join for just $500. A flexible payment plan is also available.

Join today and begin enjoying all the benefits of membership! If you're already a member and ready to order Stiebel products, please contact Junio to get started at 413-772-8898 or junio@cooppower.coop.