Install a solar array on your property for the best financial return. Loans are often available. Even if you borrow the money to build an array, you can earn enough to make the loan payments each year as soon as your tax credits come through.  When the loan is paid off, you enjoy the benefits of your array with little additional cost.

Here are some of the solar systems Co-op Power has installed in partnership with All Energy Solar and Resonant Energy from Boston to the Berkshires in Massachusetts. You receive the tax credit(s), the incentives, and the power produced.  You pay for maintenance and insurance. And you save 40% - 50% off your electric bill over 25 years.  

HOW IT WORKS: Co-op Power serves as the owner's agent, getting you a quality installation for a reasonable price. We help you hire a solar installer, have a system designed to meet your needs, negotiate a sales contract, secure a loan if you need one, and secure your incentives.  

If you're a Co-op Power member, you can get a 2% rebate on your installation with a qualifying solar installer.

Contact Mark for more information: solar@cooppower.coop or 877-266-7543 or Online