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Community Owned Solar and Direct Owned Shared Solar Array

What is a Shared Solar Array?

Direct-Owned Shared Solar Array projects are solar electric systems that are built, financed, and used by you and members of your community -- your friends, neighbors, and businesses that you care about. Co-op Power’s Community Solar program helps communities to build cooperatively owned solar arrays that are controlled by local communities, where both the financial benefits and the clean electricity are kept close to home. 

Ownership matters.  If we own our energy resources, they’re ours to steward and control.  As advocates for local ownership, we’ve developed a wide range of financing options to help homeowners, renters, businesses and communities own their own solar installations. The benefits of ownership include the right to have a say in the management of the project and access to profit-sharing.

If you get your electricity from an investor owned utility in MA or NY, you can be part of a shared community array.

Community-Owned Community Solar - You own part of a community solar project.

  • Who can participate: Renters, Homeowners, For-Profits
  • You purchase panels and co-locate them in a shared array.  
  • You get the federal tax credit and renewable energy credits.
  • You pay for system operations and maintenance each month.
  • You pay for your panels over 7-8 years and get what your panels produce for free for the life of the system (20-25 years)!
  • In Massachusetts - You could be eligible to finance your panel purchase with a Mass Solar Loan and get a 20% or 30% principle reduction.