Co-op Power's efficiency team is highly skilled and professional... I recommend them highly. - Daniel Ross, Holyoke, MA.

Do you feel like your heating and cooling are literally going out the window? Did you struggle with ice dams last winter? Are your energy bills too high?

Now is a great time to sign-up for an energy assessment: call 877-266-7543 to get started.

In addition to energy assessments, our partners do high quality air sealing and dense-pack cellulose insulation work. Co-op Power can help you upgrade your building with the latest energy efficiency technologies and materials. Call us to learn what you can do, what it will cost, and what grants and loans are available to help you cover those costs.

Co-op Power’s energy efficiency partners serve Western Massachusetts and Southern Vermont.

The state of Massachusetts has a great energy efficiency program called MassSave for people who get their electricity or natural gas from an investor-owned utility.  The MassSave Program provides a wide range of benefits for homeowners and renters and for commercial buildings. 

Co-op Power’s energy efficiency staff can work with you to design and implement the best energy efficiency upgrades for your building.



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We learn a lot about how best to help you reduce your energy bills when we know what they are now. You will need to provide your electric or gas account number to receive utility sponsored reduced-cost upgrades to your home.

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