Here's what Co-op Power Members, Staff and Supporters have Accomplished together in 15 years!

Building Together

We have engaged in community outreach, education, and dialogue since 2002 to build consensus about how to best support our transition to a sustainable and just energy future. We have raised more than $320,000 in Member Equity, $1.3 million in member loans, and $850,000 in local investment to support the development of community-scale clean energy projects and to build Co-op Power.

Our members have worked together to support the development of Energia in Holyoke (a multi-family/commercial/residential energy efficiency business), Northeast Biodiesel in Greenfield (a 3.5 million gallon/year recycled vegetable oil biodiesel processing plant), A Community Solar Project in Brattleboro VT, five solar installation businesses (and one more under development now), two green electrician businesses, and a window restoration/thermal window insert fabrication business in Westfield, along with building out our own energy efficiency program, fuel buying groups and solar products and services. We have installed over 85 solar hot water systems and renewable energy systems generating more than 150 kilowatts of electricity. These businesses have created more than 150 jobs.

Co-op Power launched our community solar program in 2012 with the Brattleboro Food Co-op Community Solar array. We have developed a system our Local Organizing Councils are using now to develop cooperatively owned shared solar systems that bring solar to people who can’t have a system installed on their own property.

Northeast Biodiesel, Greenfield MA

Co-op Power Franklin County, Co-op Power Southern VT, and Co-op Power Hampshire County

What is Biodiesel?

Northeast Biodiesel is a 1.75 million gallon/year recycled vegetable oil biodiesel production facility. Northeast Biodiesel will be owned by the 430+ members of Co-op Power and the employees of Northeast Biodiesel. Community ownership of Northeast Biodiesel insures that the jobs and the fuel will stay local and benefit our communities. We are using recycled vegetable oil (RVO) because, according to the EPA, RVO is one of the best options for reducing carbon and sulfur emissions in fuel. Our fuel will be used to heat homes and provide transportation all over the Northeast! Learn more here

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Brattleboro Food Co-op Community Solar

Co-op Power of Southern Vermont


We're taking it to the rooftops! Co-op Power, with the help of Solar Source has installed a 30.6kW solar electric array on the roof of the new Brattleboro Food Co-op owned by Co-op Power members to contribute to the energy needs of the food co-op.

This project serves as an example that we can accomplish things together that we may not be able to on our own. By pooling our resources cooperatively we all benefit and we lessen our impact on the planet.

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Community Solar

Community Solar incorporates some the best things Co-op Power strives for: community ownership, sustainable energy, green jobs, and lowering carbon emissions. In the past year, Co-op Power has developed the infrastructure to support groups of people coming together to own a solar electric array in cooperation, or to have Co-op Power own an array on your behalf. The 30.6 kW array on the Brattleboro Food Co-operative was our first installation and now we want to bring community power to you! There is so much we can accomplish together.

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