Co-op Power’s Community Solar program builds cooperatively owned projects that are controlled by local communities, where the financial benefits as well as the electricity and net metering credits are funneled back to our local communities. We are developing projects on marginal land across New England on a not-for-profit basis. Co-op Power partners with local community groups to choose a site, secure financing, and host the community solar project. Local contractors install the systems. Community members purchase the output from the solar array as credits on their electric bill.


Energy Efficiency upgrades should be the first step to making energy upgrades to your home. They give you the best value for each additional dollar you spend on home upgrades. Air sealing and insulation reduce your energy use, lower your energy bills, and protect the environment.  If you are ready to start your journey to fossil fuel freedom, this is the first stop on the way.  Community Energy Cooperatives in Boston and Western Massachusetts have skilled auditors and crews that can make these upgrades for you.  Co-op Power is a MassSave contractor.                                                 

We are nearing the completion of construction of Northeast Biodiesel in Greenfield, MA (Co-op Power members own 73% of this biodiesel plant). Our biodiesel plant will convert used vegetable oil from local restaurants into biodiesel which can be used in diesel engines and oil heat systems. We will start operations in Jan 2016 with an initial production rate of 1.75 million gallons per year. Within a year, we plan to add a second processor and make 3.5 million gallons a year. Biodiesel is the only clean fuel for oil heat systems and diesel engines.



Co-op Power can help you go solar. And now is the time to do it! We can help you choose the best technology, installer, and financing options.

The first option for homeowners is to purchase and install a solar system for your home.  Avoid leasing options if you can. The best financial return is from direct ownership. 

The first option for renters and second option for homeowners is to join together with others to purchase and install a solar system for your community.  Avoid power purchase and leasing options if you can. The best financial return is from direct cooperative ownership.


Join our Fuel Buying Group to save money on home heating oil, propane, and bioheat.

We are pleased to announce that our partner Cernak is now offering B20 (a blend of 20% biodiesel and 80% home heating oil) that burns cleaner than natural gas, at the same low price as standard home heating oil.

Using B20 means you are using 20% less fossil fuels too.  Cernak will give you a credit of 10 cents for each gallon you purchase this winter on your account next spring. This is the best offer for biodiesel in home heating we've ever had. Sign up today!


Join with others at Co-op Power to use less energy and meet more of your energy needs with clean energy.

You don't need to be a member to take advantage of our cost-saving programs, but you'll save even more if you join!

Co-op Power is a network of Community Energy Cooperatives across Massachusetts, Southern Vermont, and Rhode Island. Join together with people in your community to build green businesses, green products and services, and green jobs that meet the energy needs of people in your community and build your local economy.