Areas Served: MA, NY, and VT. Ideal for rural communities. 

The Program: Our Community Solar Program builds cooperatively owned projects that are controlled by local communities, where participants are eligible for all tax credits,  electricity savings, and renewable energy credits. We are developing projects on marginal land across New England and New York on a not-for-profit basis. Co-op Power partners with local landowners, community groups, and nonprofit partners to choose a site and host the community solar project. Local contractors install the systems. Community members purchase panels and locate them on the array together with other households, receiving their portion of the project's financial benefits for decades to come. 

Areas Served: Boston, MA. NYC, NY. Western Massachusetts, pending sufficient interest.

The Model: Co-op Power's rooftop solar financing program can help nonprofits (and any other business) put solar on their roof with no money down. We do this by providing a rooftop lease and power purchase agreement solution, similar to other so leasing companies. The difference is, Co-op Power is a not-for-profit developer. With every project, we strive to get you the maximum savings rate (10 - 30% depending on local market conditions) and offer flexible terms for buying the project out after 10 years for a fraction of the cost. Our experienced staff work to educate decision makers about different solar ownership vs. leasing options and negotiate on your behalf with contractors and financiers to get you the best price.      

Areas Served: 200 Mile Radius from Greenfield, MA. (All MA, Eastern NY, NH VT). 

The Product: We have finished building our biodiesel plant, Northeast Biodiesel, in Greenfield, MA. (Co-op Power members own 73% of this biodiesel plant). Our biodiesel plant will convert used vegetable oil from local restaurants into biodiesel which can be used in diesel engines and oil heat systems. We will start operations in April 2016 with an initial production rate of 1.75 million gallons per year. Within a year, we plan to add a second processor and make 3.5 million gallons a year. A 12% or higher blend of biodiesel with ultra low sulphur diesel burns cleaner than natural gas! Biodiesel is the only clean fuel for oil heat systems and diesel engines.


Home Energy Audits: Efficiency, Solar & More

Areas Available: Western Massachusetts; Greater Boston Area, MA. East of 495. 

The Program: Co-op Power can help you upgrade your home by reducing your energy use and installing renewable energy systems to provide the energy you need. And now is the time to do it! We can help you choose the best technology, installer, and financing options.

Co-op Power can help you choose the right financing option for your renewables that matches your needs and priorities. 

We can also guide you though heating system upgrades, hot water system upgrades, electricity upgrades, and transportation upgrades. Financing is available. It's time to reduce your dependence on fossil fuels, save money, and do something great for the planet and your local community.

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Join our Fuel Buying Group to save money on home heating oil, propane, and bioheat.

Cernak, Sandri, Surner, Orange Oil and Amerigas offer discounts for Co-op Power Members and Affiliates. 

Cernak offers B20 (a blend of 20% biodiesel and 80% home heating oil) that burns cleaner than natural gas, at the same price as standard home heating oil. Using B20 means you are using 20% less fossil fuels too.  

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Join with others at Co-op Power to use less energy and meet more of your energy needs with clean energy.

You don't need to be a member to take advantage of our cost-saving programs, but you'll save even more if you join!

Co-op Power is a network of Community Energy Cooperatives across Massachusetts, Southern Vermont, and Rhode Island. Join together with people in your community to build green businesses, green products and services, and green jobs that meet the energy needs of people in your community and build your local economy.

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