1) At the end of each month, you'll receive a credit on your electric bill that represents your portion of the kilowatt hours produced by the array. 

2) You'll pay Co-op Power 85% of the value of your credits through your Common Good account. For each hundred dollars in credits you earn on your electric bill, you pay Co-op Power eighty-five dollars. That's how you'll save 15% on your electric bill.

We're expecting the National Grid array to come on line in Sept. and the Eversource arrays to come on line in Nov.


To join our solar subscription buying group, pay $25/year for 10 years.  See if there are other member benefits that could bring you other Buying Group discounts on your energy bills. Learn more here:

Learn more about Subscription Solar on our FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS page.

Subscription Solar

For Co-op Power Members with a Western Mass Eversource or National Grid electric bill...

Get a 15% discount on your electric bill by signing up for a share of the power generated by a nearby community solar array. That's right. Save money with this solar offering. When a solar array generates electricity and puts it on the Grid, the Utility converts each kilowatt hour into a net metering credit and assigns it a dollar value. When you sign up for this buying group, Co-op Power assigns those credits to your electric bill.  You pay Co-op Power 85% of the value of the credits applied to your bill. The money you pay in goes to pay the people who built the array. 

After ten years, Co-op Power has the option to purchase the arrays if that will allow us to increase the discount you receive.



Sign up for a share of the production in the community solar array. Anyone in Eversource or National Grid's west/central Mass load zone can participate. 

  • Join Co-op Power as a Buying Group Member for  $25/year for 10 years.
  • Sign up for your Common Good Account, where we process your payments (for free).
  • Send a picture of your electric bill to solar@cooppower.coop so we can determine the number of shares needed to cover 90% of your bill over the course of a year.
  • Watch for the Solar Subscription agreement we send you through DocuSign and return it to us with your electronic signature.


We are using Common Good as our payment processor. They provide this service for free.  It's free for you to sign up and free for us to process your payments. You'll be able to use your card with other participating vendors and earn bonus credits based on your transactions. Learn more at www.commongood.earth.