Are your energy bills too high? Do you want to stop losing money and wasting energy every month?

Do you want to be more comfortable in your home? Would you like your home to be safer?

Are you ready for energy upgrades to increase the value of your home?

Call Co-op Power and learn more about how to get valuable incentives to upgrade your home. 

Ask one of our Energy Specialists to help you create your Five Years to Fossil Fuel Freedom plan.

In Massachusetts, have a MassSave auditor come in to give you access to air sealing, insulation and other state incentives.


Be sure to take time to be present when your Energy Auditor comes to do your energy assessment. You won't want to miss it! Travel with your Auditor through your basement and attic and in between to learn to see your home in an entirely new way. Benefit from years of experience and training, to better understand how air flows through your house, where the drafts originate, where safety concerns are, how your windows and doors are functioning, and how your heating system is functioning. Learn about how air sealing and insulation can reduce your energy bills and make your home more comfortable. Learn about incentives available to you to make your energy efficiency upgrades. 

  • Get recommendations for energy efficiency upgrades tailored for you and your home.
  • Install programmable thermostats and/or remote tracking thermostats.
  • Get discounts on efficient LED light bulbs.