We believe that sharing access to the clean energy and cost savings that come with solar power is one of the best ways to build just, sustainable communities. That's why we've launched the Boston Interfaith Community Solar Project, with the goal of bringing community shared solar power to five houses of worship and other nonprofits in Boston by the end of 2016.

Co-op Power will lower the cost for all participants by financing all five projects at the same time as a single portfolio.

What we’re offering houses of worship and other hosts:

  1.  Pay nothing upfront for the solar system

  2. Purchase solar power and save 10% - 20% on monthly electric bills over 20 years

  3.  Provide solar power to community members and sister institutions

What we’re offering community members:

  1. Purchase solar power to save 10% - 20% on electric bills over 20 years

Project Timeline

We are excited to announce that the Boston Interfaith Solar Project is moving forward into the financing and construction phases. As we move forward, the interactive timeline below will be updated to represent upcoming project deadlines, processes, and events. 

Interested in signing up your institution to host a solar system?

Please take a few minutes to fill out our New Host Survey, and we'll be in touch!

Contact: Ben Underwood, Co-Director of Community Solar
[e] ben(at)cooppower(dot)coop
[m] 406.599.6843