The Community Biofuel Program is an opportunity to foster a deeper sense of community while strengthening our local economy and helping the environment. We need your help to pull it off and keep our green fuel local! 


Our goal is to have all 3.5 million gallons of biodiesel we can produce each year to be made with locally recycled cooking oil. In order for the biodiesel we produce to be local, we need to have cooking oil contributed to us by local sources.

This is where you can help! Join our cause by talking to people you know whose businesses use a large quantity of cooking oil: restaurants, schools, hospitals, etc. We can work with them to benefit their business in return for their recycled oil.

It’s important to us to get the community involved because it’s more compelling to have friends and customers express their interest in this movement for green fuels than to have our company try to persuade businesses on its own. The environment is a common concern for all of us, and our program runs on the belief that this community can be dedicated to making it energy green and sustainable.

Local Economy

The Community Biofuel Cycle model is a closed loop within our community that keeps our resources local. There is more waste cooking oil in Massachusetts alone than we could hope to convert into biodiesel. Our mission is to recycle that used oil into a resource we need: fuel.

Currently, the streams of cooking oil and fuel in New England are not contained at all. Waste cooking oil is sent westward to be used in cattle feed and overseas. Fuel is imported from other countries, where we are at war to have access to the resource.

Why go to war when we have what we need right here? There are other sources for cattle feed, but the only alternative to imported fuel is local, recycled, green biodiesel. By refining recycled oil, we can keep our resources and money right here and still get the fuel we need in our vehicles and heating systems.



What makes biodiesel better for the environment than other fuels? Well, biodiesel is made from recycled oil we already use in our cooking. It is a completely sustainable resource, and we’re converting what would be waste into safe, clean, affordable fuel.

Biodiesel allows fills a crucial role in our energy make-up as a thermal fuel. Most renewable energy like wind and solar is intermittent and isn't easily stored or transported. We make biodiesel around the clock and can use it in place of any heating or transportation fuel!

Finally, Biodiesel burns cleaner than fossil fuels. Compared to regular diesel, pure biodiesel produces 86% fewer carbon emissions to produce and use (as per Chapter 2.6, page 476 of this EPA report). Given the world’s dependence on energy, our current carbon footprint, and the state of global warming, an 86% reduction in greenhouse gases is entirely welcome.

Northeast Biodiesel is prepared to buy all of its recycled cooking oil from local restaurants and businesses, but if we don’t get enough oil from local sources, we will have to supplement this with imported oil. Importing oil can easily be avoided; we have all the resources we need right here in New England. Help us create a greener, cleaner, environmental and sustainable fuel using resources we already have!