Co-op Power of Southern Vermont is creating a sustainable and just energy future!

Our purpose is to create sustainable alternative energy solutions for local citizens, businesses and municipality in Southern Vermont.  We base our clean energy efforts on community outreach and education.  Having collaborative partnerships with local schools and colleges inspires long lasting change from the ground up.  This year we will give momentum to the Southern VT Community Energy Co-op through a collaborative large scale project in partnership with Marlboro College.  Our Community Energy Co-op worked with the Brattleboro Food Co-op to build and install solar power on the roof of their new building.  What resulted was a creative lease program that allows sustainable power options/solutions for organizations and businesses.  This has been a successful initiative and now we would like to see more of this type of work for other organizations in our region.  We bring Co-op Power members together with undergraduate students at Marlboro College who are studying solar energy and installation systems and take their learning beyond the classroom, to a large scale installation on campus. Co-op Power's model fits in perfectly!   We will also research shared solar options for the Windham Housing Authority and additional solar for the Brattleboro Food Co-op.

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SVT CEC 2014-2015 Annual Report