Go Solar Today!

Whether you're interested in a solar hot water system, a solar electric system, or a wind energy system, call Co-op Power and we'll match you up with the best installers for you in our installer network.

Get Co-op Power's expert advice on who's the best installer for you, help with financing and contracting, and an advocate through the process. You'll also get a 2% discount on your system if you're a full Co-op Power member.

Solar Electric, Solar Hot Water, and Wind Energy Systems are a great way to become more carbon neutral, reduce greenhouse gases and air pollution, increase your energy independence, and build our community base of renewable energy.

If you don't have an appropriate site for a renewable energy system or can't finance a whole system yourself, visit our community scale projects page to find out how you can participate.

Call 877-266-7543 or fill in this survey for more information and to get started.

Solar Installers that Our Members Receive Discounts from:

Solar Power for your home

Because the cost of solar installation has been coming down, people have been talking to us a lot about moving from interest to installation. Financing a solar electric system is easier with:


Up to a $4,250 rebate at the completion of installation. Your rebate will be based on size of system and materials used. Subject to approval.

Tax Credits

30% of the total cost from the Federal Government.
15% of the remaining cost up to $1,000 from the state.

Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs)

SRECs provide additional income by selling solar production “credits” on the market. SRECs are based on the amount of energy you produce.
Net Metering
Producing more energy than you use allows you to sell electricity back to the grid at wholesale prices.


Solar electric purchases are exempt from sales tax. Property tax on added value of solar system also exempt.

Did you know that an average residential solar array prevents over 6600 pounds of carbon dioxide from entering our atmosphere per year? That’s awesome! You can get started by filling out this form or by calling us today to find out if solar electricity is right for you.


SunMate Solar Air Heat

Co-op Power members now have access to highly efficient Solar Hot Air Heating systems from Environmental Solar Systems, a Metheun, MA company. The unit, called a SunMate, is mounted directly to the side wall or roof of your home. SunMates can be installed in as little as 3 hours by anyone with basic carpentry skills and at a fraction of the cost of other solar systems.

Co-op Power member and chair of the Products and Services Committee, Lark Thwing has two of them on his vacation rental home in Hawley, MA. They draw air from inside the house, heat it up and return it to the house using a small fan. The fan can be plugged into a 110 v outlet or can be operated by a self contained solar panel that can be purchased with the unit. On a bright sunny winter day, he can raise the temperature of a 600 sqf space about 10 degrees. He has one unit to provide supplemental heat for the first floor and a second unit for the second floor bedroom areas. Co-op Power members get a 10% discount off the price (excluding shipping). For questions or to place an order email shavon@cooppower.coop.




Yeti Solar

The Yeti Solar LightPortal is perfect for lighting up a room in a house, workspace, or cabin, and is completely independent of the power grid (great to have around when the power goes out!). The LightPortal includes a solar panel, charge controller, battery, and LED lighting array. It charges quickly under low light conditions, is easy to install, and is eligible for a tax credit of over 20%. Mass Residents can get a 15% tax credit on their state taxes. Co-op Power members get 10% off normal retail prices. 
You can order by selecting the items you're interested in on Yeti Solar's website, www.yetisolar.com, then emailing Jon ( meyerjon@yetisolar.com) with your selections. 
Direct questions to meyerjon@yetisolar.com