High Quality, Fossil Fuel-Free Cookers 

One pleasurable and simple way to move your life away from fossil fuels is with solar cooking. The fuel is always free and renewable! Solar cookers come in many sizes and designs, but we've selected two of the best for members to enjoy at discounted rates. Each of these companies has an extensive program to distribute these stoves in energy-poor regions of the world, so sales of their cookers here supports their work to prevent illnesses and deaths due to smoke inhalation (and also protects forests) there.

GoSun Sport

Durable, lightweight, and portable for use on the deck, at the beach, or car camping, this solar oven steams, bakes, fries, and roasts foods like root vegetables, sausages, fish, cornbread, and much more at temperatures of up to 550 degrees. Watch a video of it in use here. You don't even need full sun to cook, it's so effective that almost no weather is off limits! Learn more about it here.

Members of Co-op Power receive $50 off when ordering at the GoSun site by using a special coupon code. To receive that code, contact Louise at louise@cooppower.coop.

Sol Source 

The best parabolic solar cooker on the market, Sol Source is sturdy enough for your deck or the nomadic households it was developed for in Tibet. It cooks as fast and as hot as a gas-powered stovetop burner, and works under cloud cover so long as you can see the outline of the sun. Watch a great video of it in action here!

Learn more about this solar cooker and order via the manufacturer's website hereMembers of Co-op Power receive 20% off when ordering the cooker and any of its components at the manufacturer's website with a special coupon code. To receive that code, contact Louise at louise@cooppower.coop.