With You Every Step of the Way

Co-op Power partners with schools, colleges, universities, and other educational institutions to recycle their cafeteria's used cooking oil and turn it into biodiesel, a renewable fuel for diesel engines and oil heat systems. We offer used cooking oil collection services, grease trap cleaning services, and discounted biodiesel, which can fuel anything from a bobcat to a bus to home heating system. 

Partnering with Co-op Power offers schools and universities a powerful co-branding opportunity. Co-op Power has a large network of members and supporters throughout New England, and we are building a local renewable energy resource network across the region. Co-op Power partnerships include include: 

  • Competitive Oil Collection Compensation 


  • Website advertising
  • Radio spots
  • Window marketing decals
  • Student Internship opportunities
  • Social media promotion

By focusing our efforts on recycling cooking oil into biodiesel fuel in university environments, we collectively create long-term benefits that help address  food security, pollution and energy security challenges in the region.

In addition, the next generation of professionals will see the immediate benefits of biodiesel production and lower carbon emissions in the form of heating oil, through recycling of compostable waste from grease traps to produce biodiesel for use in heating systems and as fuel for cars and other vehicles.  Whether on campus or on site with Co-op Power, students get powerful learning opportunities and will be inspired to continue to promote smart, local solutions to the global challenges we face.

Your choice to partner with Co-op Power reflects your institutional commitment to reduce your carbon footprint, to invest in the local economy, and to champion long-term sustainability. 

Please contact Steve Ronhave with any questions about Co-op Power's University partnership program. 
Email - steveronhave [at] northeastbiodiesel.com
Phone: 413-210-6482