Get Co-op Power's expert advice on what kind of energy upgrades are the best for you, and let us connect you with best installers and contractors in your area. We can get your questions answered, make financing easier, and you can rest at ease knowing that you have an advocate every step of the way. You'll also get a 2% discount on your system if you're a full Co-op Power member.

Solar Options

Solar arrays can produce electricity, hot water, or hot air.  Come talk with us to figure out which one is right for you.

Own your own solar. (Don't lease.) One of the first lessons we learned is that it pays to own your own solar. The financial returns are greater. You don't give up control over your roof/your land. The benefits all return to you. It's your best deal. If you own your home, have good solar access (little shade with a south-facing roof or land), and pay enough state and federal taxes to be able to take advantage of the tax credits, then owning likely makes the most sense for you.

Community Solar

If you can't install your own solar array, your next best option is Community Solar, where you share a solar array with others.  Sign up for a Community Solar array with Co-op Power and bring the benefits of solar home to you and others in your community.  

Here are all the ways you can participate in Community Solar: 

And More!

Co-op Power has steep discounts on equipment from Stiebel Eltron including solar hot water systems, on demand hot water heaters, heat pump hot water heaters, and more.  We work with installers and contractors who can install all types of renewable energy systems for you - from wood and pellet heat systems to geothermal to minisplits - and help you get on the road to Fossil Fuel Freedom.