Solar hot water with Co-op Power gives you options.

With Co-op Power you can decide to install a solar hot water system with a conventional install, do it yourself, or a Neighbor to Neighbor

Members get a 25% discount on Stiebel Eltron Solar Hot Water Panels (15% for non-members). We can also refer you to one or more of the solar hot water installers in our vendor network.

Call today or fill out this brief form to schedule a site visit for either program (877)-266-7543 or

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Rebates and Financing

Co-op Power will help you maximize your rebates. Massachusetts residents also have access to 0% interest MassSAVE Heat Loan. With the Heat Loan program, you can get a solar hot water system installed for no money down and make your loan payments from your hot water savings. You'll need an energy audit through Mass Save to qualify for the Heat Loan. (Visit to find out about other state incentives.)

How to Get Started

Contact us at (877) 266-7543. Your local energy coach will help you to schedule a site visit with an installer. The energy coach will also help you with financing and rebates for your system.
One of our professional solar hot water installers will see if your home or business has enough sunlight for a solar hot water system. They'll design the system and give you a proposal that will give you a summary of equipment to be installed and installation costs.


Q: Do I need to be a member of Co-op Power?
A: No, but once you compare the costs and benefits, we think it will become clear to you that you will want to become a member. Click here to learn how.

Q: How quickly will my system pay for itself?
A: Depending on the site and your hot water costs, the system usually pays for itself in 3-7 years.

Q: How much of my hot water will solar hot water heat?
A: A solar hot water system will provide 70-85% of your hot water with free energy from the sun.

Q: How do I know if I have a good location for a solar hot water system?
A: A good location must have the following characteristics:

  • A building where you are permitted to install the system.
  • A location on the property (roof, wall, or ground) that is south facing and shade-free from 9 am to 4 pm in all seasons.
  • The shade-free area must be large enough to hold the number of panels you want (approximately 4 feet by 8 feet per panel).
  • An accessible location for the storage tank.

Q: How much will my solar hot water system save me each month?
A: This depends on how you currently heat your water and the current cost of energy. A solar hot water system will likely save between $25 to $80 a month for an average home.

Q: Why is the system so expensive? I can buy an electric water heater for far less than that. 
A: When you buy a solar hot water system, you're buying the tool for collecting free fuel for 20+ years. You have to pay your electric bill to pay for the fuel for that tank after you install the electric hot water tank. Your total cost to operate a solar hot water system over its expected 20+ year lifespan will be much lower than for an electric hot water system. After rebates and tax credits, the money you save on energy costs pays back the cost of the system in 3 to 7 years. Then, for the rest of the time the system provides you with hot water at almost no cost.