The Neighbor to Neighbor Program uses the tried and true New England barn-raising method to install energy efficiency and solar hot water. Neighbor to Neighbors are great ways to build community and save money! Save 30% to 40% on a solar hot water system installation with Co-op Power's Neighbor to Neighbor Program. You help four other members install their system and everyone comes to help you install yours under the supervision of a professional installer.

Join over 70 Co-op Power members who have taken advantage of this unique New England barn-raising program. If you're a member, you won't get a better deal anywhere else. If you're not a member yet, you can sign up here. 

Ready to order? Download the Solar Hot Water Neighbor to Neighbor Form. The form will help you calculate your cost and savings.

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How Neighbor to Neighbor Installations work

  • Contact us at (877) 266-7543. Your local energy coach will help you to schedule a site visit with an installer. The energy coach will also help you with financing and rebates for your system.
  • One of our professional solar hot water installers will see if your home or business has enough sunlight for a solar hot water system. They'll design the system and give you a proposal that will give you a summary of equipment to be installed and installation costs.
  • You'll help four other people install their system.
  • Our professional installer and a group of Co-op Power members will come to install your system
I’ve met just honest, caring, and skilled people, people who know what they’re doing. Every single person I’ve met was interesting, caring. And not sort of wide-eyed idealist, but more effective.-Henry Canby Leeds, MA.


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A solar hot water system can provide 70% to 85% of your hot water with energy from the sun.

Rebates and Financing

Co-op Power will help you maximize your rebates. You can receive a 30% federal tax credit for the total price of your solar hot water system. You can receive a 15% state tax credit in Massachusetts up to $1000. There is also a rebate program in Massachusetts, paying $622.50 per installed panel. Massachusetts residents also have access to 0% interest MassSAVE Heat Loan. With the Heat Loan program, you can get a solar hot water system installed for no money down and make your loan payments from your hot water savings. You'll need an energy audit through MassSAVE to qualify for the Heat Loan. (Visit to find out about other state incentives.

Site Visit Fee

Site visits are generally free, but can cost $50 to $75, depending on where you live and which installer you use. This payment covers a portion of the professional installers time and travel expenses coming to your house, designing your system, and preparing the written proposal for you. One way Co-op Power works to keep costs down is to pay installers fairly for the time they put in, so that they don't have to raise their installation costs to cover unpaid site visits. Value in. Value out.


Do I need to be a member of Co-op Power?
No, but once you compare the costs and benefits, we think it will become clear to you that you will want to become a member. Click here to learn how.

How quickly will my system pay for itself?
Depending on the site and your hot water costs, the system usually pays for itself in 3-7 years.

I can't go on a roof, will I be helpful at an installation?
We get lots of folks who either don't feel they are handy enough or don't want to be on a roof. This is not a problem! There are always jobs to do that do not require prior experience. The "roof team" is just one of three teams that work on the installation. There is also a basement team and a piping team. Each of the teams require a varying degree of technical skill.

I don't want to do a neighbor to neighbor installation, can Co-op Power still install a solar hot water system for me?
Yes we can! We can set you up with a Professional Installation and, if you're a member, you'll receive 2% off the total cost of your installation.

What is it like at a member to member installation?
The installations are lots of fun. You get to meet great people, share good food, and learn how to install a solar hot water system.

Reduce your dependency on fossil fuel!

Reduce your carbon footprint!

Build Community!

Go Solar!