Co-op Power coordinates the Good Green Jobs Program, which connects jobseekers with clean energy and other green employers, providing training and job placement services to interested participants. Since inception in 2008, the program has trained more than 200 individuals and placed workers into more than 120 positions with local businesses in the clean energy sector, including energy efficiency contractors, solar hot water installers, and PV installation companies. Co-op Power serves as an information resource hub to partner employers, with candidate referrals for employment, updates on training opportunities, advocacy updates and opportunities to collaborate on innovative projects. In addition, Co-op Power has supported business development efforts leading to the launch of 12 clean energy businesses, which continue to generate jobs and employ individuals pursuing green career pathways.

Co-op Power’s Good Green Jobs workforce training program was designed with employment as the top priority, incorporating staggered and flexible training schedules to address the fluctuation of employer demand for new employees. This innovative program diverges from typical training models because it focuses on the entire ecosystem of activities needed for job placement, while other models may simply provide skills training. Amidst a job market that is variable and unpredictable, Good Green Jobs steps up to the challenge of training people for the goal of job placement and advancing long term career opportunities. 

For more information about Co-op Power’s Good Green Jobs Program, contact Laura Porter at laura [at] or call 413-349-4973.