Co-op Power Franklin County is a Community Energy Cooperative run by Co-op Power members in Franklin County to organize and advance the goals of justice and sustainability.

Co-op Power Franklin County has been working since 2005 to build a multi-class, multi-ethnic movement for justice and sustainability.

Contact Beth Paulson for the latest info on what's happening in Franklin County: or (413) 320-8073

Franklin CEC 2014-2015 Annual Report

The seeds of a dream are planted right here in Franklin County. The dream is to create community owned renewable energy resources that will create good green jobs for all, protect the environment, and bring energy independence

With Northeast Biodiesel set to be completed in the coming months, Co-op Power Franklin County, in conjunction with Hampshire County Community Energy Co-op, will be the home of a 1.75 million gallon/year community owned biodiesel plant, making fuel from recycled vegetable oil. Northeast Biodiesel will create over a dozen quality new jobs in its first year and the fuel it produces will create 87% less carbon emissions than petroleum diesel.

Our Community Energy Co-op is owned by its members. Membership is open to all and is one of the best investments you can make in your local community. In addition it entitles you to discounts on valuable products in services in the Co-op Power network.

The majority of your membership equity goes directly into building renewable energy projects that you and your fellow members decide upon, like Northeast Biodiesel.

Franklin County Community Energy Co-op has also weatherized a lot of homes, installed dozens of renewable energy systems and trained dozens of people from limited resource communities in the important skills that will help them get the good jobs of tomorrow.

Join us! Become a Member of Co-op Power and the Energy Co-op serving Franklin County!