Good Clean Biodiesel

Co-op Power's partner Northeast Biodiesel, LLC is a biofuel manufacturing plant committed to producing high quality renewable fuel in a sustainable way. Using recycled vegetable oil from restaurants and cafeterias (instead of virgin oil), the plant will initially produce 1.75 million gallons, with an expansion to 3.5 million gallons within a year. 

Our biodiesel can be used in diesel cars, truck and bus fleets, and tractors, as well as in place of conventional heating oil in your home or business. 

Co-op Power members are recruiting restaurants and cafeterias to help increase the amount recycled cooking oil that we source locally.  They are building the market for B20 for home heating. They're forming purchasing groups that can use biodiesel in their diesel vehicles.

Send an email to if you're interested in RVO Collection, B20 for Oil Heat Systems, or B20-B100 for diesel vehicles.

The Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources (DOER) partnered with Northeast Biodiesel to provide critical funding and assistance under the Massachusetts Renewable Thermal Business Investment Financing Program.