Co-op Power: the one-stop energy shop for your business.


Recycled Vegetable Oil Collection

Send your used cooking oil to Northeast Biodiesel and your waste will become a treasure. Contact: Steve Ronhave; 413.772.8898; email: steveronhave [at] for more information and to schedule your pickup.

Grease Trap Maintenance

Contact: Steve Ronhave; 413.772.8898; email: steveronhave [at]





On-Site Solar Electricity: Rooftop or Ground Mount

Contact: Isaac Baker; 413.772.8898; email: isaac [at]





Solar Thermal 

Reduce the largest percentage of your energy operating costs — cooking and dishwashing. Solar hot water efficiently takes heat from the sun and can reduce your utility bill significantly. 

Contact: Lynn Benander; 413.772.8898; email: lynn [at]

Dinner Clubs 

Host a gathering of Co-op Power members.

Contact: David Strong; 413.772.8898; david [at]




Social Media: Marketing Services to Bring you New Business

Co-op Powers has hundreds of members and thousands of supporters across New England and New York. If your restaurant is supporting a clean and just energy future, our members will want to support you!  Our website receives hundreds of clicks every day. We want to make that publicity your publicity! 

  • Social Media
  • Website Photo Co-Promotion on our homepage
  • Radio Spots
  • Newspaper Ads
  • Newsletter Advertising

Contact: Kiley Landry and David Strong; david [at]