Co-op Power is partnering with the Town of Lincoln on this exciting new initiative — the 2016 Lincoln Energy Challenge. The Lincoln Energy Challenge is a community-wide program that encourages residents to take the next step together towards reducing their energy consumption and greening Lincoln.  Co-op Power is committed to helping Lincoln achieve its goal of reducing the town’s carbon footprint 10% by 2020.

We're partnering with HomeWorks to perform home energy assessments and provide quality insulation services.  We're partnering with a network of vendors to explore deeper energy options, including full retrofits, solar PV, solar hot water, air source heat pumps, and other renewable energy technologies.

If you would like to sign up for an assessment, please enter your information below and our team will contact you about setting up your assessment as your first step towards a greener future.

More information from the Town of Lincoln is available here.

Click here for a list of Lincoln's Clean Energy Accomplishments.

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