Co-op Power Hampden County is a Community Energy Cooperative run by Co-op Power members in Hampden County to organize and advance the goals of justice and sustainability.


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Hampden CEC 2014-2015 Annual Report

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The Hampden County Community Energy Co-op is focused on building justice and sustainability in communities in Hampden County including Springfield and Holyoke. Energía, our first project, is a commercial scale energy efficiency company joint venture that we launched with Nuestras Raíces and Nueva Esperanza. Our goal was to create a business that could hire low-income, at-risk youth of color in Hampden County, to have a positive environmental impact and create revenue to be used for building our community based organizations. The company is co-owned by Co-op Power, Nuestras Raíces, Nueva Esperanza and the Worker's Trust. Below is a video of one of the employees of Energía talking about the company, his role and how it relates to the bigger picture.