Community Owned Solar

Energy Democracy is coming to New England and New York! For the first time, Co-op Power’s Community Owned Solar model allows anyone who pays an electric bill to purchase and own solar panels in a single, cooperatively managed array. Co-op Power’s professional staff provide technical assistance to participants in identifying a site, evaluating contractor installation bids, permitting, and building a solar array that returns maximum value back to the community. Once a site is identified, participants may purchase the number of solar panels that best matches their electricity use. 

Community Owned Solar Highlights

  • Direct Ownership: Participants receive the full set of state and federal incentives for owning solar.
  • Shared Costs: By co-locating with other households, the cost to each participant is reduced.
  • Optimal Site: Your solar panels can be installed at a site with great solar exposure.
  • Operation Guarantee: Co-op Power will operate and maintain the system for 20 years.

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What is Community Solar?

Community Solar projects are solar electric systems that are built, financed, and used by you and members of your community -- your friends, neighbors, and businesses that you care about. Co-op Power’s Community Solar program helps communities to build cooperatively owned solar arrays that are controlled by local communities, where both the financial benefits and the clean electricity are kept close to home. 

Ownership matters.  If we own our energy resources, they’re ours to steward and control.  As advocates for local ownership, we’ve developed a wide range of financing options to help homeowners, renters, businesses and communities own their own solar installations. The benefits of ownership include the right to have a say in the management of the project and access to profit-sharing.

Diagram of the Community Owned Solar Model

Diagram of the Community Owned Solar Model


Solar to Benefit Your Community

Co-op Power has developed a wide range of models that communities can use to build community solar projects – from small to large.  Because we operate on a not-for-profit basis (and because we're cooperatively owned by over 500 families), the value is returned to people and communities.  We have worked out the legal and accounting structures so that communities can install a large solar array and share the electricity, net metering credits, renewable energy credits, and other benefits created by the system.

Want to learn more about Community Shared Solar for your home?

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